Winter Crops That Farmers Can Grow

Winter Crops That Farmers Can Grow
Here are some of the winter crops that farmers could grow.

If you live somewhere around a northern climate, you’re exposed to some fairly cold weather around this time of year. You might be wondering what produce can be sold during this time because the produce that can be grown is dependent in part on the weather outside. There are a lot of winter crops that prefer low light and colder climates, which goes well with the winter temperatures. Here are some of the winter crops that farmers could grow.


“Lettuce” start off with this widely-known vegetable. Lettuce is an easy-to-grow crop during the winter. It’s suited for the season due to its preference for cooler weather and the fact that it can grow with minimal light. The type of lettuce you get will affect its price. Romaine lettuce, as an example, is usually sold at a higher price than options such as a few iceberg options.


Parsley is an herb used in many meals, making it desirable among consumers, and winter is a wonderful time for farmers to grow this crop. It’s something that many consumers enjoy because of its nutritional value. You can also tell your consumers about the many uses parsley has as a garnish or as a topping to foods such as smoothies. With its ability to be incorporated into all sorts of meals to promote more nutrition, parsley is one of those winter crops you should be prepared to sell.


In a similar manner to parsley, mint has the ability to complement other foods very well. It goes well with shakes and salads, as well as all sorts of drinks. Winter is a wonderful time for farmers to grow this crop because of the humidity that can come with the season, which can help with the watering requirements mint has.


Kale piques the interest of many health-conscious consumers because of the fact that it is a super food. It can be a great part of any diet, and it can grow under conditions that wouldn’t be suitable for other plants. Whether there’s plenty of light or only a small amount, kale will be able to grow. It also does fine growing in cold climates, making it perfect for winter.

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