Why You Should Be Interested in Local Produce

Local produce is desirable to distributors for a variety of reasons.

More and more people are becoming curious about the origins of their food, as well as what farming practices are used by the farmers who produce the food for them. This is why distributors want to be able to provide local produce for their customers. But the reasons extend far beyond that. Local produce is desirable to distributors for a variety of reasons.

Local Produce Offers Customers Healthier Food

When companies purchase local produce, they are investing in more nutritious food for their customers. People are concerned about getting the most nutritious food they can, and markets want to be able to provide that food. On average, local produce has more nutrients and can ripen more naturally as opposed to produce that has to go long distances which has to be picked before it has ripened. When you offer distributors locally grown produce, you give them the most popular vegetables on the market.

Local Produce is Better for the Environment

When you offer people locally grown produce, you’re showing them that you care about the environment. This is because produce grown nearby doesn’t require as much travel to reach its destination, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions used to get food to customers.

On top of that, you also show your support for the local farmers who provide your food. If local farmers are properly compensated for the food they supply, the chances of them selling their land to developers go down. This results in having more locally-grown produce available for you to offer your customers. You help your local farmers, and they’ll return the favor. It’s a win-win situation. Farmers get business, you get the food you want to sell, and the customers get the food they want to eat.

Local Produce Has More Variety

Industrial agricultural systems tend not to have much variety in their crops. Buying from smaller and more local farms often means they’ll have a wider variety of produce to offer. When you have more types of produce to sell, you’ll be able to appeal to a wider range of customers. This results in more profits for you.

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