Why Use Organic Produce Over Non-Organics

Why Use Organic Produce Over Non-Organics
Here are some of the reasons customers will often choose organic produce instead of non-organic alternatives.

When people go to the supermarket, they want to make the best choices they can with regard to what foods they eat. For many people, one of the choices they make is what produce they consume every day. Organic produce is a popular choice among consumers, and they help people who buy these vegetables feel better about what they are buying. Here are some of the reasons customers will often choose organic produce instead of non-organic alternatives.

Organic Produce Won’t Have GMOs

Avoiding GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is important for many customers. By going with organically grown produce, customers can assure themselves that they aren’t eating any harmful chemicals. Not only do they want to avoid eating chemicals, but consumers also want to take a stand against the organizations that produce these chemicals. By offering organically grown produce to consumers, you give them the power to not only choose healthy food but also take a stand on what they believe should or should not exist in produce.

Organic Produce Is More Nutritious

There are a lot of people these days who are concerned about eating healthy foods. Organic produce is highly nutritious and gets plenty of nutrients because it is grown in rich, healthy, and organic dirt. When the dirt in which they are grown is healthy, it eliminates the need for any fertilizers to be used.

Organically Grown Produce Isn’t Monocropped

This ties in with consumers’ desire to not want chemicals in their food. Monocropping involves planting one type of crop in a large space. When this happens, that crop is susceptible to pests and diseases. This forces farmers to spray chemicals on the food because those chemicals kill off those pests and diseases.

Since organic growing practices grow many crops side by side, it attracts many different insects that work harmoniously to keep the plants healthy. This results in organic produce being free of chemicals that people don’t want to ingest.

Organic Produce Has More Flavor

Organically grown produce will often have more flavor than non-organic varieties. This is because they typically don’t have to extend their root systems as far to get nutrients. This extension of the root system takes energy away from growing the crops. Organically grown produce doesn’t have to work as hard to get its nutrients, meaning it can use its energy to become nutritious and delicious.

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