Why to Avoid GMOs

Why to Avoid GMOs
Here are a few reasons people don’t like having GMOs in their food.

For those who don’t know, the term “GMOs” stands for “genetically modified organisms.” Some people also refer to them as GE (genetically engineered). GMOs are often used to help foods survive longer on shelves when being sold at supermarkets. They can also be used to keep pests away from crops as they grow. However, many people are against having GMOs in their food, and not for bad reason. Here are a few reasons people don’t like having GMOs in their food.

GMOs Can Be Unhealthy

GMOs have certain chemicals in them that can potentially be harmful to human health. With so many people focused on purchasing healthy food, selling food that could be dangerous to consumers could deter them from your business. Not only do GMOs impact humans, but they also have detrimental effects on various animals. Some animals are said to suffer damage in areas such as their kidneys, liver, and heart. Some animals even have their immune systems compromised. This can discourage animal lovers from purchasing your produce as well.

GMOs Can Be Bad for the Environment

Doing what’s best for the environment is another concern many people have. However, GMOs don’t help promote a healthy planet. That’s because foods with GMOs use more pesticides while being grown. In fact, pesticides need to become more powerful and poisonous to support foods with GMOs in them. Customers won’t want to choose produce that supports poisonous pesticides. By selling non-GMO produce instead, you tell your customers that you support the environment and that purchasing your produce means they support the planet as well.

They Can Contaminate Organic Food Systems

Many people support organic foods. Unfortunately, foods with GMOs can compromise organic crops, contaminating them with their GM genes.

GMO Agriculture Causes Family Farms to be Lost

Customers love to support their local economy. This includes local farms that provide the freshest produce for their consumers. Unfortunately, GMO agriculture promotes industrial farming practices. This results in many family farms being lost, affecting the hard-working farmers and the communities these farmers support. This is why going with non-GMO produce is great. Your customers will know that the produce they purchase is coming from a reliable source and that purchasing this produce will be beneficial to their local area.

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