Why Sustainable Farming?

sustainable farming

Here are some things you should know about sustainable farming.

You’ve probably heard the word “sustainable” a lot as it relates to farming. It’s used in a variety of contexts, but when it comes to agriculture it defines practices that are dedicated to protecting the environment, the community, and health. Sustainable agriculture is beneficial to all parties involved! When you’re buying local produce, you should ensure the farmers who grew it engage in sustainable practices. That way, you can feel morally and economically content with the purchases you make. Here are some of the benefits sustainable farming has to offer!

Environmental Benefits

Though there are a lot of resources out there for us to enjoy, it’s important to remember that they are limited. With all the technological advancements we’ve had, it can be easy to lose sight of our responsibility to harvest nature’s bounty in a sustainable way. Sustainable farming puts the environment in high regard, which allows environmentally-friendly decisions to be made. Its practitioners ensure that they don’t take too much from the environment so future generations can enjoy it. At the end of the day, we only have one Earth so we need to do all we can to maintain it.

Economic Benefits

Sustainable farming prioritizes environmental benefits while still maintaining economic advantages, making it an excellent choice. When you support sustainable, local agriculture you are ensuring that your dollars go toward local farmers’ efforts. This can lessen the dependence on subsidies from the government and make rural areas stronger. Supporting sustainable farming allows farmers and the people who work with them to be paid a fair amount, and as a result, to continue doing what they do.

Public Health Benefits

When farmers commit to using sustainable methods, this usually means that they don’t use hazardous chemicals on their crops in the same way that other farmers would. Sometimes these chemicals from pesticides can runoff into local water sources and cause health issues for the people who live in the area. Sustainable farming not only takes the Earth’s health into account but the health of nearby citizens as well.


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