Why Shoppers Buy Organic Produce

Why Shoppers Buy Organic Produce
Find out why shoppers continue to buy organic produce.

Organic produce has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion among consumers. There’s plenty of debate going around regarding whether or not organic produce is worth the investment. Organically grown produce is said to be more nutritious than its non-organic counterparts, having higher levels of desirable vitamins while having lower amounts of less desirable substances. Many shoppers believe that it’s worthwhile to go organic, and organic foods have certain advantages that have shoppers coming back for more. Find out why shoppers continue to buy organic produce.

Avoid Pesticides

Avoiding pesticides is one of the most prominent reasons shoppers gravitate towards organic produce. There have been studies conducted showing people that pesticide breakdown products in people’s bodies goes down over 90% when they switch from non-organic produce to organic alternatives. Since the health implications of consuming pesticides are still up in the air, it’s understandable that customers want to be cautious and go with produce that avoids pesticides altogether.

Organic Produce is Non-GMO

Pesticides aren’t the only thing people want to avoid when they choose organically-grown produce; they also want to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs are prominent in many sources of food, including our produce, and many people want to go with food that is more pure and natural. By going organic, people know for certain that their produce isn’t GMO, because GMOs aren’t allowed when producing organic food.

Organic Produce Has Higher Nutritional Value

The third reason that shoppers elect to go with organically-grown produce is because they believe it yields more nutritional value than other options. This belief is not unwarranted. Many forms of organically grown produce have more nutritional value when compared side by side with their traditionally grown counterparts. As an example, tomatoes have more lycopene and vitamin C when they are grown organically.

A lot of phytonutrients found in produce that improves human health are produced naturally by the plants as a means of discouraging pests from consuming the plants. Once plants are exposed to pesticides, these beneficial phytonutrients are reduced significantly. This results in the produce yielding lower nutritional value. Organically grown produce also has less cadmium in it, which is a harmful metal that gets into soil due to synthetic fertilizers.

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