Why Restaurants Should use Locally Grown Produce

If you purchase locally grown produce, you’ll have food that is more appealing to your customers.

Most produce purchased in the United States has traveled an average of 1500 miles. That means that the food that is sold to customers usually has to be preserved to survive a trip that long. But these foods don’t tend to be as fresh, and if you can offer customers something fresher, they’ll be more inclined to buy from you. If you purchase locally grown produce, you’ll have food that is more appealing to your customers.

Locally Grown Produce is Good for the Environment

Food that doesn’t travel as far doesn’t use as many preservatives, which makes it better for the environment. This is great because it lowers the carbon footprint that your business leaves behind. It can also result in good PR for you.

Locally Grown Produce is Usually Healthier

When you buy from a local farm, you often get organic produce or other products that aren’t very artificially enhanced. This results in healthier food. With so many people focused on getting the healthiest food they can, having such high-quality food in your business is sure to attract customers.

It Supports the Local Economy

Buying your produce from local farms means that money goes back into your local community. This tends to result in higher income per capita. People who have more income promote a stronger economy and also helps bring in new satisfied customers.

Make Connections with your Local Farmers

When you buy your food locally, it’s easier to get in touch with the farmers who supply your food. It’s easier to build a good relationship with your local farmers when you’re a reliable supporter of their food. This creates a mutual work relationship that will give you more business opportunities in the future.

Your Menu Becomes more Interesting

When you have local produce as the central ingredients of your meals, you create a menu that is appealing, delicious, and memorable. Locally grown produce has history, and every meal tells a story about the great care your food has been given. While you could buy food from a big business, it doesn’t have that same tender love and care that a local farmer provides. Trust us; your customers will notice the difference.

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