Why Restaurants Benefit from Using Local Produce

Why Restaurants Benefit from Using Local Produce

If your restaurant isn’t investing in local produce, here are some reasons it would be a great idea.

If you own a restaurant, you may ponder how far your produce has to travel before it reaches your business. Ideally, you want your produce to travel as little as possible when getting from your distributor to your business, and this is when it’s helpful to use locally grown produce. If your restaurant isn’t investing in local produce, here are some reasons it would be a great idea.

Local Produce Will Be Incredibly Fresh

When your restaurant purchases local produce, it means your produce won’t have to travel too far to get to your business. This helps it to maintain its freshness. Also, buying local produce means you’re buying produce that has been raised with care by the local farmers who grew it. This improves the quality of the produce you get, and your customers will be sure to tell the difference.

You Can Increase How Much Variety You Have In Your Food

If you get your food from regional vendors and distributors, it means that you will not have too much access to different ingredients that are up for purchase.

When you switch over to local produce, you will immediately begin seeing how much more variety there is. Not only will they offer traditional produce items, but you’ll also see more unique items that might be harder to come by. By picking local produce, you can easily spice up whatever your restaurant’s menu may be. You might even consider offering seasonal menu items to coincide with the seasonal produce that local farms have.

Your Restaurant Will Have Less Waste

When you purchase your produce locally, your restaurant will create less waste overall. Purchasing produce in bulk from suppliers who are farther away only means that produce travels farther to get to you. As a result, some of it might go bad before your staff even has the chance to use any of it. Not only does this waste the produce, but it also means your restaurant takes a hit financially, purchasing items that you were not able to use.

Buying locally also means you don’t have to worry about buying in bulk. Instead, you simply buy whatever you need, which cuts down on unused produce at the end of the day.

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