Why Organic Produce is Appealing to Consumers

Find out why your business would benefit from providing organic produce to your customers.

People are always looking for organically-grown produce to eat. Consumers are encouraged by neighborhood markets and grocery stores to pick organic options. But why do people choose organic produce, and why should you offer it to your customers? What makes organic produce so much more enticing than other types of produce?  Find out why your business would benefit from providing organic produce to your customers.

Nutritional Value of Organic Produce

Many studies have demonstrated how organic produce is richer in nutrients than their non-organic counterparts. They have been shown to offer more zinc, iron, and vitamin C, among other nutrients. Some vegetables have been reported to have more antioxidants as well, which reduces the chances of a person having heart disease or a stroke.

Also, organically-grown produce grows more naturally. While other vegetables are grown more rapidly so they can be sold to customers sooner, organic produce grows at a natural pace, allowing it to have as much time as needed to develop all of their nutrients and soak in water.

These health benefits are what drive people to pick organic produce over non-organic options when given the choice.

Nutritional Value of Local Produce

Another factor that influences the quality of produce customers get is how far that produce has to travel.  For most conventional produce, it gets harvested before it has fully ripened. This is because most produce has to travel great distances to reach its destination, and picking it while unripe lowers the chances of the produce getting damaged on the way to the market.

The problem here is that produce needs time to ripen so that it can reach its maximum nutrient levels. Non-organic produce is often chemically ripened inside of warehouses before it hits the shelves. This only makes them look ripe but doesn’t provide the same nutritional value. The flavor will also not be as great. This means customers get produce of lower quality, and they will be able to tell the difference. When you offer your customers organically-grown produce that has had time to ripen fully, you give them produce of the highest quality, offering the most flavor and nutritional value that will keep them coming back for more.

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