Why Local Produce is Important

Why Local Produce is Important
Most people purchase produce from supermarkets, but you should let them know why local produce could be an even better selection for them.

Since we’re in the fall season, there isn’t as much seasonal produce being sold. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of delicious options you can offer from a local farm. Produce is still a highly popular area among customers because of their nutritional value, the use they have in all sorts of recipes, and, of course, their taste. Most people purchase produce from supermarkets, but you should let them know why local produce could be an even better selection for them.

Local Produce May Be a Healthier Option

Locally grown produce appeals to the consumer who is concerned for their health. Produce purchased at supermarkets is usually sprayed with various pesticides and chemicals that help preserve them while being transported to their destination.

Locally grown produce, on the other hand, doesn’t need help from these chemicals since they are sold at a close enough distance to the customers that they don’t need to be preserved. Local produce also tends to be fresher on average when compared to the produce offered in supermarkets since they don’t spend as much time being transported to where it will be sold.

Local Produce Brings Appeal With Cheaper Prices

Consumers who purchase locally grown produce will likely save more money than those who purchase other options. With that said, the produce itself might not have a lower price tag on it. However, the value per dollar is larger, and the value people get can be a strong driving factor in deciding what produce they will purchase. Local farmers are more likely to sell produce in bulk, which saves consumers money over time, and the money people will save only continues to rise if the produce they are purchasing is in season. Your customers won’t want to miss out on the savings and high-value that local produce provides.

Local Produce Appeals to Consumers Who Want to Support Their Communities

Supporting local communities is always important, and it’s especially important right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are going to be certain customers who want to do what they can to improve their local communities. When you tell them that purchasing local produce is a great way to help farmers in their area, they’ll know that they can feel good about purchasing local options instead of the standard options they might see at a supermarket.

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