Why Hydroponic Farming is the Future of Farming

Why Hydroponic Farming is the Future of Farming

Hydroponic farming is the future of farming around the world. Read on to learn more about the incredible importance of hydroponic farming.

Whether you’re a hobby gardener or a professional farmer, you’ve probably heard of hydroponic farming by now. Hydroponics is a style of farming that uses incredibly nutrient-rich water to facilitate growing plants without any soil. Can it really be used to grow any kind of food crop, from sweet potatoes to squash to corn? What was once only in the realm of science fiction is currently a reality. In fact, hydroponic farming is the future of farming here and around the world. Read on to learn more about the incredible importance of hydroponic farming.

Less Space And Less Damage

Hydroponic growing saves an amazing amount of space. First, the same level of nutrient need can be achieved in a fraction of the space hydroponically as it would need in traditional soil. The roots don’t have to spread out searching for water or nutrients, because they are delivered straight to them. This means that growers can plant many more plants in the same space, including planting indoors (giving you a longer growing season) and planting vertically. Additionally, there is no worry about damaging the soil or causing erosion, since you’re not planting in soil.

Less Water

It sounds odd to say that growing in water will take less water but it is true. 80% of water use in our countries goes out onto fields and most of it washes away or evaporates. There is so much water waste in traditional farming! Hydroponics solves that by delivering the water exactly where it is needed without the waste. 

Better Nutrients And Healthier Plants

Because the nutrients are added to the water and delivered straight to the plants, farmers can control exactly what nutrients the plants get and how much. This makes it easier to make sure the plants are healthy and thriving, and if they aren’t it is easy to give the plants exactly what they need and produce healthier plants.

Faster Growth And Bigger Yields

In addition to the plants being healthier, they also tend to grow faster and bigger, producing better yields than with traditional farming. This is because they don’t have to compete for their nutrients, because the farming system ensures they get what they need. The yields are generally better per square foot of space because you can have more plants per square foot, improving your outcomes.

No Weeds And Fewer Chemicals

Finally, in hydroponic systems, you don’t have to worry about weeds. Since you only plant what you want and there is no soil to hide rogue seeds or roots, the chance of accidentally having weeds germinate in your hydroponic garden is very very small. And since this is achieved without weed killers, you’re limiting the chemicals you have to add to your plants.


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