Why Customers Prefer Locally Grown Produce

Why Customers Prefer Locally Grown Produce
Find out why your customers may prefer locally grown produce.

For many consumers, finding the “local” label on their food is of great value. It’s sometimes on par with the importance of food being organic. Supporting local business can return people to simple times when business was smaller and more traditional as opposed to how things are with all of the large-scale corporations that seem to be growing in size and number every year. But there are more reasons people are allured by locally grown produce, and your business can be the next one to lure customers in with produce fresh off the farm. Find out why your customers may prefer locally grown produce.

Locally Grown Produce Lets People Trace Food’s Origin

Knowing where your food comes from is something many people value. It puts more of a sense of responsibility on the farmers who grow the food since people will know who to contact if the produce isn’t up to standards. This often results in farmers producing higher quality food, many farmers embracing the growth of organic produce. When you offer local produce to your consumers, you tell them that you’re comfortable telling them where you get your produce and that the farmer who provides for your company is trustworthy. It’s that level of trust that will keep people coming back.

Locally Grown Produce is Believed to Yield More Nutritional Value

When compared with their imported produce counterparts, local produce is thought to be more nutritious. This is largely in part because of how much distance it takes for imported produce to reach the consumers. If it takes too long for produce to reach customers, it won’t be as fresh when it finally gets into their hands. For this reason, farmers often use preservatives to help keep them in good condition when they get purchased.

With local produce, this isn’t as issue. Since locally grown produce doesn’t travel great distances to reach its customers, it stays fresh naturally. No artificial preservatives are needed to keep them in peak form. This ensures that the produce is as fresh and healthy as possible when it reaches the consumers. With health being one of the driving factors playing in the food people purchase, having local produce to offer plays to your company’s advantage.

Baywater Farms Has The Right Produce For You

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