Why Customers are Incentivized to Purchase Local Produce

Reasons You Should Offer Non-GMO Produce to Customers
Find out more about why you should offer non-GMO produce to your customers.

Over the years, more people are beginning to appreciate what local produce has to offer. Even if it’s just a small part of their grocery bill, many families are joining together to support local farms and the local produce they supply. There are many benefits people can gain from eating locally grown produce, so it should encourage you to start offering it to your customers if you aren’t already. Find out what entices customers to purchase local produce.

Local Produce is Always in Season

People like to get the freshest produce they can find. When they purchase locally grown produce, they know that the food they’re getting is fresh and in season. This ensures that the food is full of flavor and has the most nutritional benefits. People are willing to pay top dollar for the food they get if they know it goes above and beyond standard produce.

Local Produce is Healthier

As mentioned earlier, locally grown produce has nutritional benefits over other produce. When picked at the peak of ripeness, vegetables retain the most nutritional value. Many consumers look for the most nutritious foods they can find, so having produce with such high nutritional value is going to help you attract these consumers. Some locally grown produce helps customers who have conditions that impact their diet. For example, customers who have food sensitivities to various food chemicals can turn to locally grown produce as a means of avoiding these chemicals because many small family farms opt not to use pesticides and other chemicals when growing their food.

Local Produce is More Beneficial to the Environment

Many customers want to do what they can to help the planet, and something as simple as choosing local produce can make a difference. When customers choose locally grown produce, they support the local farms that make the food. This helps keep the small farms from being developed for more commercial purposes. As a result, consumers get to do their part to support their local community. So if your business offers local produce to your customers, you empower your customers by letting them support local business.

Also, the farmers who prepare the food are held accountable for the produce they provide. Since consumers know where their produce is grown, it incentivizes the farmers to utilize sustainable agriculture practices, such as choosing not to use pesticides or creating more resource-efficient systems. This ensures that the produce that reaches the shelves is of the highest quality.

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