What Your Store Can Do to Raise Produce Sales

What Your Store Can Do to Raise Produce Sales
Here is how you can sell more fresh produce to your customers.

If you run a supermarket, you understand the importance of the fresh vegetables in your store. Customers love fresh produce and make it a regular part of their diets, but it isn’t always an easy task getting it to fly off the shelves. Vegetables need to be kept in fine condition if you’re going to entice customers to make a purchase. But there’s much more you need to do to maximize the sales you make on your vegetables. Here is how you can sell more fresh produce to your customers.

Consistency is Key

Keep a close eye on your display. By checking it on an hourly basis, you’ll be able to spot when there is anything old or rotten that customers could see. If you see any old or rotten vegetables, get rid of them at once. Not only is it an eyesore for customers, but it will also cause your fresh vegetables to rot at a faster rate. Customers will likely be hesitant to take anything off of a display with rotting vegetables on it. Keeping your display fresh and clean is the best way to keep customers interested in what you’re offering.

Don’t Display Produce in Tubs & Boxes

Presentation goes a long way towards making what you’re selling appealing. You need a display that will attract customers. Displaying produce in boxes and tubs doesn’t present a pleasant aesthetic. Instead, you can go with an open fridge concept. This will allow you to present your items in a pleasing manner while also extending its shelf life. Crates can also help you make a display worth visiting.

Always Display in Bulk

Check your display regularly to see if it’s getting empty. When you see crates that are no more than half full, that will make your display look less attractive. You want to make your display look full at all times. The vegetables you have on display should also be easy for your customers to see. 

Tilting the containers you have is a wonderful way to give your display a more full appearance. You can also pile up your produce, which makes the display look more full and raise visibility at the same time.

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