What You Should Know About Heirloom Produce

What You Should Know About Heirloom Produce
Today, we’ll go over what separates heirloom produce from other crops.

There’s something special about family heirlooms. Even if it’s a simple object that was found at an antique store, there’s a history behind it that helps bring people together. A common tool used to get people together is food, and heirloom crops are another product that help people to bond and connect. You may be wondering what separates heirloom crops from other vegetables that farmers grow. Today, we’ll go over what separates heirloom produce from other crops.

Heirloom Produce Is Grown From Old Seeds

Heirloom crops come from seeds that have been used over many generations. Since the produce comes from seeds used over and over again, it means that you can rely on getting consistent quality from your produce. Some people believe that an heirloom seed can only be considered “heirloom” after 100 years, showing people that the produce grown from these seeds has been dependable for a long time.

Heirloom Produce Helps You Stand Out From Standard Supermarkets

Usually, the food that regular supermarkets offer comes from either GMO or hybridized seeds. This is done to ensure that the food can withstand long journeys on the way to its destination. It’s also done to increase the shelf life of the produce so that it has more time to sell. In contrast, heirloom crops can’t travel too far, but in exchange, you get food of higher quality. Heirloom vegetables are incredibly fresh, meaning they retain the maximum amount of flavor and nutrition.

Growing Heirloom Produce Could Be Better For Farmers

For the customers who want to support locally grown produce, purchasing heirloom crops is a step in the right direction. It also helps that heirloom seeds, over many generations, can become resistant to types of pests and diseases that are common in the places where they are grown.

It Is Better For Consumers

Heirloom vegetables are usually grown organically and thrive when they can mature in soil that is free of pesticides. It usually has more minerals and more nutritional value than their GMO and hybrid counterparts. It’s these added minerals that give heirloom produce the extra flavor that allows it to stand out. This makes heirloom produce perfect not just for consumers looking for a great taste experience, but also for those who are more concerned about eating healthily.

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