What You Should Ask When You Visit a Farmers Market

What You Should Ask When You Visit a Farmers Market

Here are some fun ways to really get the most out of your farmers market shopping experience.

When you visit a farmers market, there are many different things to look at and enjoy. While some may consider themselves seasoned shoppers at the farmers market, there are many unique ways to go about a farmers market to come home with some of the best finds. The reality is, you can start to make the most out of a farmers market — even more so than you may already have in the bag. Ultimately, there are some essential shopping tips and tricks you can take with you the next time you go to a farmers market. Here are some fun ways to really get the most out of your farmers market shopping experience. 

Knowing Where The Farm Itself Is Located

There are questions you’ll want to ask when heading to the farmers market. The key question from each vendor that you’ll want to know is where their farm is actually located. The reality is, knowing whether the farm is local — and if so, just how local can influence your decision on whether you are interested in buying their products or not. Ultimately, the closer the farm is located to you, the more sustainable the produce or products actually are because they have less to travel to get to you. 

Different Types Of Produce Grown

Knowing just how many different varieties of produce are grown on the vendor’s farm can help inform your decision-making at the farmers market. Looking at the array of produce that a farm has can help determine just how sustainable a farm is. The reality is, a farm that has varied options will usually mean that the farm itself is a bit more sustainable than others there. Ultimately, farms that have several different crops usually use crop rotation which is a method of farming that simply reduces soil erosion, amplifying crop yield, and even increasing biodiversity. 

Bottom Line

There are things you’ll have to think about before heading to the farmers market. Being equipped with key questions to make your shopping trip more sustainable can really be a great benefit when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint even more. 


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