What Makes Rainbow Carrots So Amazing?

What Makes Rainbow Carrots So Amazing?
Here is what makes rainbow carrots so special.

There’s a lot to say about rainbow carrots. They are enjoyed all across the planet, and there are so many varieties from which to choose. These carrots bring a rainbow of flavor and nutrition to anyone who eats them, so finding a provider who grows them could help your business tremendously. Here is what makes rainbow carrots so special.

Rainbow Carrots Offer Levels of Taste and Nutrition Not Found in All Carrots

Orange carrots have been the standout amongst carrots in American households for hundreds of years, but rainbow carrots have been enjoyed on a global scale for thousands of years. What’s great about rainbow carrots is that they all offer high nutrition and taste, but the nutritional benefits vary depending on the color of the carrot. This lets customers select the carrots they want for their specific nutritional needs/wants. If people are interested in the nutritional value of different colors of carrots, here is what you can tell them.

  • Orange carrots have the most beta and alpha-carotene. These help people produce vitamin A in their bodies. This vitamin benefits the health of people’s eyes. When people say carrots are good for your eyes, they aren’t lying.
  • Red carrots have a lot of lycopene in them, which is something you may have heard is found in tomatoes. This phytonutrient is what allows red vegetables and fruits to have their color. Red carrots also have beta-carotene. Some studies suggest that they can also lower people’s chances of getting some forms of cancer and heart disease.
  • Yellow carrots have lutein in them, a phytonutrient that can lower the risk of developing certain eye diseases related to age, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Purple carrots have anthocyanins and both beta and alpha-carotene. Anthocyanins are said to lower the chances of developing heart diseases, and they can help keep people’s immune systems going strong.

Rainbow Carrots Go Well With Many Dishes Customers May Eat

Rainbow carrots are a delicacy that people can enjoy on their own. They make wonderful snacks without anything else needed. But, they also go well with many different recipes. This means that, whether you’re trying to convince consumers at a supermarket to purchase them or you’re preparing meals at a restaurant, you’ll find that rainbow carrots have great flexibility in usage.

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