What Encourages Consumers to Purchase Organic Produce?

What Encourages Consumers to Purchase Organic Produce?

Here are some of the reasons consumers will pick organic produce instead of other vegetables.

The organic industry is growing constantly, and organic produce has become increasingly appealing to consumers, especially if they have been purchasing non-GMO and natural produce already. But what exactly drives consumers to purchase organically grown produce over other available vegetables? Everyone has different preferences and reasons for buying what they do. Here are some of the reasons consumers will pick organic produce instead of other vegetables.

They Want to Avoid Chemicals

Many people worry about consuming chemicals and pesticides, and it’s been estimated that a person consumes an average of around 16 pounds’ worth of pesticides every year. Organically grown produce can lower how many pesticides consumers put into their bodies significantly.

They Want to Avoid GMOs

Many people are leery about consuming GMOs, and non-GMO produce has become more popular in recent times. A simple way for people to steer clear of GMOs is to purchase organic produce. Under USDA guidelines, organically grown produce isn’t allowed to have any GMOs in it.

People Buy Organic Produce For Nutritional Purposes

The nutritional value of organically grown produce versus non-organic produce is still up for debate, but it is a reason for piquing the interest of consumers. People have documented that organic foods have more healthy nutrients than non-organic alternatives. This has to do mainly with how well-nourished the soil is because the soil allows the produce to create more nutrients while growing.

Organic Produce Can Help Preserve Ecosystems

Consumers enjoy doing what they can to help out the planet, and organic produce is a better choice for preserving the earth. As we mentioned earlier, organics tend to come with fewer pesticides. Not only do people end up consuming fewer pesticides, but the planet itself also worries less about them. Fewer pesticides get placed in the ground, which in turn helps the soil to thrive. It also means that wildlife animals can play their part in the healthy growth of food.

Protect Soil and Water + Reduction in Pollution

Chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides do a great job at raising the yield rate of crops, and they help keep pests at bay. However, there will be remnants of pesticides after the crops have been harvested. Those remnants find their way into the soil, as well as our water system and environment. With organic produce, none of these dangerous substances can find their way into the planet to do harm.

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