What Corporations Don’t Like About Smaller Family Farms

What Corporations Don't Like About Smaller Family Farms
Family farms care deeply for their customers and the food they provide for them.

It looks as though mass food corporations are constantly looking for the next opportunity to make a profit. The fact that there are family farms that bottle fresh milk, farm organically, and care deeply for the animals on their farms is of no concern to many of these companies. The only concern they have with these smaller farms is that they sell products to customers because this means they now have competition for sales. However, it’s important to keep family farms in business. Family farms care deeply for their customers and the food they provide for them.

What Large food Corporations Don’t Understand About Family Farms

Large food corporations often don’t see the big picture regarding the relationship between consumers and family farms. If customers are buying food from small farms, there are often 2 or 3 farmers from which they purchase their food. On top of that, it’s not just a business relationship that these farms have with their customers; they also have friendly relationships with each other. These family farmers are people who have deep loving relationships with the people who purchase their food. That’s why the farmers are so driven and motivated to provide their customers with only the highest quality of food they can muster.

Something else big businesses often don’t realize is why people pay a premium price for locally grown food. This is because they know that family farms will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the food they put out is top quality. When farmers show that level of commitment to their work, people want to show their appreciation, and they’re willing to spend the extra money to express that appreciation.

Unlike Family Farms, Most Large Corporations Focus Primarily on Profit

Profits are the ultimate end goal for large corporations, and as they get more money, the lust for profit grows. Unfortunately, many of these organizations only barely meet organic standards if they meet those standards at all. On top of that, some hire their own inspectors, meaning they can create their own set of rules and standards.

What You Can Do To Support Family Farms

If you are a consumer concerned about the health and quality of your food, the best thing you can do is purchase from family-run farms. Every time you purchase locally grown food, you help support local business. This means your business can continue to provide customers with top-quality food that will keep them coming back for more. You have the power to decide what foods consumers will eat.

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