Vegetables You Can Sell in Winter

Vegetables You Can Sell in Winter
These are some of the vegetables that you could consider selling to your customers in the winter.

Winter can mean all kinds of different things, depending on what area you’re living in at the moment. If you live in the North, the cold could last for almost half of the year, while you may only have to deal with a couple months of cold if you live in the South. But regardless of where you are living, there are certain vegetables that are perfect for producing and selling during the winter. These are some of the vegetables that you could consider selling to your customers in the winter.


Lettuce is one of the hardier vegetables around, and it can be a great option to offer to customers. It’s a delicacy with a satisfying crunch that is sure to appeal to certain consumers. Since certain types of lettuce have more tolerance against the cold, farmers shouldn’t have too much trouble producing this crop, meaning it becomes easier for you to find a farmer who may want to offer it to you.


There are all sorts of hardy kinds of kale available. Farmers tend to plant kale during the late summer or early on into the fall. Then it gets picked all throughout winter. Since this crop is harvested during winter, it’s your chance to start providing some kale to your customers.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts can be another wonderful delicacy for consumers. However, you need to make sure that the farmers producing them are aware of which ones thrive the most in your local area. These vegetables have to not only do well growing in the winter climate, but they also have to be well-received by the customers who will be purchasing them from you.


Collards are similar to kale. It’s another one of those vegetables that is incredibly tough, and it will sweeten when it’s cold. They are a fantastic item to see on the market because they complement all types of dishes, including hashes and soups.


As another member of the hardy vegetable family, mache is a fantastic crop. It has a wonderful flavor, unlike any other vegetable you can find. It is incredibly fresh and tender and can be offered beside various entrees or even on top of them.

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