Traits You Want in Your Produce Distributor

Traits You Want in Your Produce Distributor
If you need a produce distributor, they should have these qualities.

When planning out your produce inventory, it’s helpful to have a reliable produce distributor to supply you with everything you need. It can be tricky finding a provider you can trust because there are so many from which to choose. You’ll have to be observant when meeting your potential distributors so you can figure out the best one for you. If you need a produce distributor, they should have these qualities.

Strong Communication

Communication is a foundational trait for any type of relationship, and business relationships are no exception. Your produce distributor should make it easy to stay in contact with them, and they should constantly update you on what products they have. They will also notify you whenever problems in the supply chain show up, so you can adapt accordingly. If your produce distributor seems hard to contact, don’t work with them.

Your Produce Distributor Should Have Flexibility

The needs of your business are likely going to change, and your produce distributor should be flexible enough to change their services to fit these changing needs. You don’t want to get orders that are either too large or too small. Your produce distributor should always be able to sell you an ideal number of products that fits perfectly with your inventory space.

Find a Produce Distributor With A Good Work History

It doesn’t hurt to conduct some research ahead of time. How long have they been providing for their clients? Do clients enjoy the quality of service they provide? Knowing the answers to questions like these will give you a better idea of whether your distributor should be trusted or not.


The cost of your distributor’s services will likely be one of the biggest concerns you have. Price is definitely a valuable piece of information to keep in mind, but you shouldn’t just pick the cheapest distributor you can find.

Companies that reduce their prices might also be lowering costs on their reliability and transportation, among other things. A healthy balance of reasonable pricing with good quality is advised.

Think About What Products Your Produce Distributor Offers

Think about what products your distributor is offering. The wider the selection, the easier it is for you because you likely won’t have to work with as many different distributors if you can get everything you need from one company. This is especially helpful when you plan to change the products you’re offering because companies with more options will have an easier time adapting to your changes.

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