The Appeal of Heirloom Seeds

baywater farms heirloom seeds

Why do we love heirloom seeds? Find out what makes them special!

Imagine that you have the chance to grow the same seeds that were grown 100 years ago. Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine this. Heirloom seeds produce fruit, vegetables, and flowers passed down for their excellent taste, vibrant colors, and other beneficial characteristics. Heirloom seeds are what we use at Baywater Farms because they are a delicious alternative to genetically-altered, dyed, bland foods produced in bulk. If you want to know more about what makes heirloom seeds special, keep reading. 


Heirloom plants are naturally-pollinated varieties passed down from generation to generation without cross-breeding to create new varieties. Heirloom seeds will grow from the same plant they came from. They produce seeds that grow the next generation of the plant, keeping the flavor, texture, and other traits consistent from year to year. In past generations, sharing seeds was the only way to grow. 

Many people grow produce from heirloom seeds to promote sustainable agriculture, to enjoy consistent flavor and texture, or to preserve and share history. Using heirloom seeds keeps these vintage varieties alive to share their unique traits with future generations. Families pass the best seeds down through the years, creating a shared agricultural history that ensures the most flavorful produce stands the test of time.


Before the 1950s, all plants were grown from the seeds of existing plants. Then hybrid seeds were developed to focus on faster production and certain plant traits. Unlike heirloom plants, hybrid plants are a cross between different varieties. Although hybrid plants exist in nature, most plants grown for commercial produce today are hybrids selectively bred for specific traits. Some are bred for longevity or disease resistance to boost crop size and shelf life. Along the way, sometimes flavor and nutrition can get lost. After all, commercially grown produce may need to travel across the country or farther to get to your store. 

While heirloom seeds grow just like the parent plant, seeds from hybrid plants are unpredictable. They may produce plants, but not exactly like the parent plant. Sometimes, hybrids don’t even produce seeds or seeds that will grow. Most are sterile. They weren’t bred to be sustainable. When you save and sow heirloom seeds, you can count on the results and know they may be the same fruits and vegetables your grandparents enjoyed. 


Our family has been farming responsibly on the same land for six generations. Ethical, sustainable farming techniques are our family legacy. We continue the tradition to honor our ancestors and to produce delicious, healthy, natural produce. 

We hand sow our heirloom seeds and grow them the way our great-grandparents did, depending on insects and wind to pollinate our plants naturally. We believe in cultivating healthy produce and soil, supporting biodiversity and local wildlife, and growing delicious, organic, non-GMO food for our local communities. 

To us, farming isn’t about mass-growing produce that can be shipped around the country. It’s about being part of our community like the generations before us. Our produce is clean, fresh, and healthy for your families, and our farming techniques are clean and sustainable to protect our local environment. 


Baywater Farms is a family-owned and operated farm servicing Baltimore, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware beaches, and the Eastern Shore. We are capable of meeting the demands of your produce distributor, restaurant produce supplier, CSA produce supplier, or wholesale produce supplier while maintaining the integrity and character of a small farm. When you work with Baywater Farms, you work with an experienced, ethical, and local farm dedicated to providing the highest-quality heirloom produce.

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