Swing Into Shishito Pepper Season with These Summer Recipes

shishito peppers

It’s shishito pepper season! Here are a few ideas for how to incorporate locally-grown shishito peppers into your summer cuisine.

Although shishito peppers are native to Eastern Asia, they have been a Mid-Atlantic staple for many years. With summer being their peak season, it’s easier than ever to buy locally-grown shishito peppers and incorporate them into your summer cuisine. Shishito peppers are typically on the mild side, with one in ten considered spicy. Whether pan-roasted or eaten raw, shishito peppers make for the ideal addition to any summer dish.

Heirloom Tomato and Shishito Gazpacho

Gazpacho is an elegant summertime favorite. With an abundance of organic heirloom tomatoes, shishito peppers make for the perfect complement to this chilled tomato-based soup. To add a little kick to your refreshing gazpacho, simply add six shishito peppers to your heirloom tomato mixture along with onion and garlic. Garnish with feta and organic cilantro, and your gazpacho is sure to become a summertime classic.

Roasted Cauliflower and Shishito Peppers

Roasting or blistering shishito peppers is perhaps the most popular way to prepare and serve them. Since these peppers have delicate skins that roast easily, the blistering adds another level of flavor and texture to the already delicious vegetable. Since cauliflower is a mild vegetable, it easily takes on the flavor dynamics of whatever it is paired with. Enhance your summer dinner routine by pan-roasting cauliflower with shishito peppers in olive oil and garlic to make a beautiful and bright-tasting dish.

Shishito Stir-Fry

For both a healthy and delicious summertime dish, shishito stir-fry offers a bit of heat to your favorite stir-fry combination. Whether you prefer tofu, chicken, beef, shrimp, or simply veggies in your stir-fry, shishito peppers add the perfect amount of heat without overpowering other ingredients. Served over rice or over noodles, shishito stir-fry will become more than just a summertime favorite thanks to its warmth and versatility.

Simple Shishito Sauté

This recipe seems too good to be true, but the simplest preparations are sometimes the best. By keeping the peppers whole and pan-roasting them in oil and garlic, you’ve already made a delicious summer dinner party appetizer that everyone can enjoy. To add another element of flavor to this easy dish, whip up a honey-sriracha sauce to complement the spice of the shishito peppers. A dish that took you only ten minutes is sure to impress all your guests!

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