What to Do With Surplus Hydroponic Vegetables

What to Do With Surplus Hydroponic Vegetables

Hydroponic vegetables grow so enthusiastically that it shouldn’t come as a surprise you’ll have a surplus on your hands.

Do you farm as part of a CSA? Or do you think of yourself as an expert chef? Hydroponic vegetables grow so enthusiastically that it shouldn’t come as a surprise you’ll have a surplus on your hands. So if you find you have more of these delicious veggies than you know what to do with, here are some helpful tips!

Create Holiday Party Favors

If you’re planning a holiday party with your friends, neighbors, and relatives, then that’s a perfect opportunity to give away your excess hydroponic vegetables. You could either use a paper bag or a plastic bag as the vessel for your party favors. The choice is up to you! Just make sure everyone gets one before they leave your party. Get in touch soon after to give them some of your favorite recipes, which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch if you are already known for your talent in the kitchen. Alternatively, you could hide a recipe card in each bag as an additional parting gift.

Prepare a Meal for a Neighbor

Speaking of the parting gifts we just mentioned,  the holiday season is a time of giving. Is one of your neighbors going through a tough time in their lives? Here’s some food for thought: use your hydroponic vegetables and prepare a delicious and nutritious meal for them. Your garden or greenhouse could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Donate It Somewhere

In the same spirit as the above point, you could also choose to donate your extra vegetables. A food pantry is another potential outlet for accepting all the hydroponic vegetables you can give them. But all the same, make sure that they can take it in the first place, because not every food pantry can do so. Don’t worry if you can’t donate it. Contact your local volunteer fire department – they’ll be more than willing to accept free food, just let the firehouse chef know. One word of advice for this idea, though: call them and see what they can or would be able to use before you drop anything.

Start Selling It

Here’s an idea for when the weather gets warmer: start a produce stand or other venture to sell it!


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