Six Advantages Heirloom Produce Has Over Hybrids

Find out about the many reasons you should invest more in heirloom produce than in hybrids.

Heirloom produce brings a variety of colors, flavors, and history to the table. When people look for vegetable seeds, there are two types people tend to choose: hybrid and heirloom produce. Hybrids are formed by crossing two chosen varieties that can sometimes create vigorous plants that will produce at a higher rate than heirlooms. Heirloom produce is more traditional. They are handed down from generation to generation and tend to cost less than hybrid seeds. But that’s only one reason heirlooms are so desirable. Find out about the many reasons you should invest more in heirloom produce than in hybrids.

Wonderful Taste

Businesses want to offer flavor to their customers, so they want to have the most flavorful stock they can find to keep people coming back. If you offer heirloom produce to your customers, you offer appealing and tasty vegetables that people want in their market.

Many heirloom vegetables have been passed down for decades, sometimes even centuries. This is because they do well on the market. Distributors want to sell the tastiest produce they can, and when they have dependable produce that has satisfied people for many years, they’ll make the sale. Why sell rigid, tough vegetables when you can offer rich, tender, and delicious produce to the public?

Heirlooms are Open-Pollinated

Because heirloom produce is open-pollinated, seeds can be reused and replanted year after year. This results in heirlooms boasting similar results from every harvest. This makes them a reliable and consistent produce option for the marketplace. The same cannot be said for hybrid seeds. If someone attempts to replant hybrid seeds, the results will usually not be so great.

On top of that, farmers can choose which seeds do the best in their gardens. This means that as time goes on, the seeds will be of increasingly good quality. This way, the produce you invest in will be better and better over the years.

They are “Less Uniform”

When we say heirloom vegetables are “less uniform,” we mean that they don’t all ripen at the same time. While hybrids can be nice for when you want to have all of your produce picked at once, heirloom produce can be useful for when you want a more steady supply of fresh produce. Produce all picked at once tends to be modified so that it lasts longer on the shelves, but this doesn’t mean it’s fresh. That’s the beauty of heirloom produce; the vegetables are always fresh and tasty, and your customers will notice the difference.

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