Signs That You’re Purchasing the Right Sweet Potatoes

Signs That You're Purchasing the Right Sweet Potatoes
Here are the traits you will want your sweet potatoes to have.

Sweet potatoes are a popular vegetable among many consumers. These vegetables are great to eat on their own, and they also complement many dishes very well. Not all potatoes are the same, however. There are certain signs that will tell you whether or not you’re purchasing the right potatoes for your business. Here are the traits you will want your sweet potatoes to have.

Your Sweet Potatoes Are Free of Wrinkles

If you have the ideal potatoes, you should find that there are very few wrinkles on them, if any wrinkles at all. The skin of a sweet potato isn’t going to be quite as smooth as other types of produce, such as apples. However, it should still be even and without any form of damage as a result of rot. If the skin of the potato has wrinkles on it, it means that the potato has either not been stored as it should be stored, or it has gone past its prime.

Your Sweet Potatoes Are Firm

Oftentimes, it’s best when your potatoes are firm to the touch. If you’re running a restaurant, there may be scenarios in which you want your sweet potatoes to be softer, such as when you’re preparing specific dishes, such as mashed potatoes or sweet potato pies. If you’re trying to sell potatoes to customers, you don’t want them to be soft at the time of selling. Soft potatoes indicate that the potatoes are rotting.

Certified Organic & Organic Practices

It can be an incredibly tedious and difficult process to get produce certified organic from the USDA, a.k.a the United States Department of Agriculture. There may be some farmers who are transitioning land at the moment, and they are growing sweet potatoes using organic practices. However, without the certified label and the official recognition, these farmers are not allowed to market their potatoes as organic.

Something great about purchasing sweet potatoes from a local farmers’ market is that you can inquire about the farming practices that are used. Some farms use sustainable farming practices, while others may use different methods. Knowing which farmers use which farming practices can help you decide which potatoes you should get.

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