Refreshing the Freshness of Produce

Learn how to work fresh produce into your everyday meals.

Do you have curious customers looking for new ways to use their fruits and vegetables? Fresh produce makes the difference between an awesome holiday spread and one that falls flat in the freshness department.  Suppliers for restaurants and grocery stores should take note of our advice as well. So if your produce is looking a little lackluster,  here are our best tips for refreshing fruits and vegetables and how to work produce into your everyday meal options.

Put Produce at the Center

When produce is at its peak, there are many ways that you can work it into the center of your meal. Instead of carb-heavy and rich dishes, experiment with light sauces and new methods of cooking vegetables you haven’t tried before, like roasting or grilling. When produce is prepared in a flavorful and interesting manner, you won’t miss the meat.

Pack a Punch of Flavor

The most important thing when working with produce is finding the best way to make the flavors pop. With most types of produce that are in-season, they will be able to pop all on their own. However, as we enter a winter full of frozen peas and canned vegetables, there are many different ways you can refresh the produce.

Start with olive oil, salt, and pepper. That trio can spruce up almost any produce or dish and transform it into something fantastic and flavorful. If you aren’t a confident season master yet, purchase pre-mixed seasoning blends like herbs de provence or smoky chipotle seasoning and sprinkle them liberally on your veggies before placing them in the oven. Once you come up with seasoning blends that work well with your produce, you will have many more ideas for how to work it into every meal.

Check What’s In Season

The best way to ensure a great deal of flavor in your produce is by shopping what’s in season. Thanks to modern growing and transportation methods, you can enjoy fresh strawberries in the dead of winter. While you can buy them, they will never be at their peak. Shop what’s in season and research what vegetables are locally grown. Locally grown produce is always your best bet.


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Delicious Fresh Produce from Baywater Farms

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