Reasons You Should Support Local Farms

Reasons You Should Support Local Farms

When customers see that you’re offering produce grown on local farms, they’ll be more inclined to purchase your food for many reasons.

In the world of food, we’re gifted the opportunity to make sound decisions. One such decision you can make is to start selling locally grown produce to your customers. Supporting local farms does more than simply making your business look better in the eyes of your consumers. When customers see that you’re offering produce grown on local farms, they’ll be more inclined to purchase your food for many reasons.

You Support the Local Farmers

By selling produce grown on local farms, you directly support the farmers who provide for you and your customers. Many consumers are trying their best to shop locally in an attempt to support their community. Offering locally grown produce gives your customers the chance to show their support. Also, selling food from local farms keeps those farms in business so they can keep supplying you with their high-quality produce. It’s a win-win.

Local Farms Offer Your Customers a Wide Selection of Options

Your average grocery store will usually offer close to 40,000 items. While that sounds like a lot of options, there are far more options that are available. Perhaps you have customers who are trying to make unique recipes, and they can’t find key ingredients to make the recipe work. This is when local farms come to the rescue. They have a wide selection of produce that they offer, meaning your customers will have a higher chance to find what they’re looking for to complete their recipes. Once they realize they can find what they need at your business, they’ll start coming back.

Produce From Local Farms is More Nutritious

There are a great number of consumers out there who are concerned about what they eat and how nutritious their food is. For nearly any type of produce, the longer the journey from the farm to the shelves, the lower the nutritional value becomes. Offering produce grown on local farms means your produce retains a majority of its nutritional value, which will draw in consumers who are concerned about the nutrition they get from their food.

Produce on Local Farms Let Customers Make a Smaller Environmental Footprint

Just as there are customers concerned about nutrition, there are customers who try to be as eco-friendly as they can. Locally grown produce doesn’t have to travel as far to reach your business, meaning fewer fossil fuels are used to get them to you. Customers who are aware of this will want to choose the more environmentally-friendly option by going with the produce in your store.

Baywater Farms Has The Right Produce For You

Baywater Farms is a family-owned and operated farm servicing Baltimore, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware beaches, and the Eastern Shore. We are capable of meeting the demands of your produce distributor, restaurant produce supplier, CSA produce supplier, or wholesale produce supplier while maintaining the integrity and character of a small farm. When you work with Baywater Farms, you work with an experienced, ethical, and local farm dedicated to providing the highest-quality heirloom produce possible.

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