Reasons You Should Offer Non-GMO Produce to Customers

Reasons You Should Offer Non-GMO Produce to Customers
Find out more about why you should offer non-GMO produce to your customers.

There is a considerable amount of debate revolving around whether or not genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption. A lot of information gathered on the topic leads to some conflicting conclusions on determining the health implications of eating them. With people more concerned about their health and what they eat than ever before, you only want to offer them the healthiest food you can find. That’s why we suggest selling them non-GMO food. Foods that aren’t genetically modified are more natural, so people don’t have to worry about what’s in their vegetables. We aren’t entirely sure if genetically modified organisms are safe for consumption, but it’s safer to go with non-GMO produce while we unravel the truth. Find out more about why you should offer non-GMO produce to your customers.

Non-GMO Foods Show You Support the Environment

There are more people who are concerned about the health of the planet. Foods with GMOs in them compromise the wellbeing of Earth. This is because GMO produce uses more pesticides and herbicides. These get into our water and cause harm. They can also ruin the quality of soil. That’s not the image you want for your business. Instead, offer your customers non-GMO produce and show them that you want to help protect the earth.

Non-GMO Foods Show You Support Animal Life

GMO crops have been shown to have adverse effects on any animals that eat them. Some animals have been shown to have damage to their major organs, including their hearts, livers, and kidneys. A customer is less likely to support your business if the crops you sell are detrimental to the health of animals. If you offer non-GMO produce, you show your customers that no animals get harmed in the making of the food you sell to them.

Non-GMO Produce Is Healthier for your Customers

If non-GMO produce is healthier for animals, it only makes sense that it would be healthier for humans as well. There are plenty of people today who are more concerned about finding the healthiest produce they can. It’s these people who will be attracted to your nutritious, high-quality non-GMO produce. While the results of consuming genetically modified organisms are still inconclusive, it’s safer to go with non-GMO varieties and avoid the risk.

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