Reasons to Offer Eggplant to Consumers

Reasons to Offer Eggplant to Consumers

Read on for some great reasons to offer and promote eggplant to your consumers.

It’s purple, it’s super versatile, it’s more than just an emoji; it’s eggplant! This amazing vegetable (it’s technically a fruit, actually) is not as well known or universally liked as others, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance. With a texture similar to tomatoes, eggplant can range from firm to soft depending on ripeness and variety, but they always pack a full punch of flavor and health benefits, and they are the perfect addition to any menu from soups and stews to grilled fare. Read on for some great reasons to offer and promote eggplant to your consumers.

A Good Source Of Vitamins And Minerals

Eggplant is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They contain good amounts of vitamins C, K, and B6, as well as thiamine, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, folic acid, and potassium. They are also one of the better sources of iron, and eating iron-rich foods is one of the best ways to protect against anemia.

A Brain And Bone-Health Booster

Eggplant is also rich in phytonutrients, which some studies have linked to improved mental health and brain function. Eating good sources of phytonutrients can improve memory and cognitive function by improving the creation of new neural pathways and encouraging more blood flow to the brain. The compounds like phytonutrients that give eggplant its rich colors also can improve bone health. The combination of phytonutrients, calcium, and iron can protect against osteoporosis by improving bone strength and density. 

A Natural Source Of Fiber And Antioxidants

Eggplant is also high in fiber, which is an important nutrient for the body. Fiber can help improve digestion and improve overall gastrointestinal health. Fiber can also help reduce cholesterol by binding with it in your body and carrying it out, so increasing your fiber is a great way to improve your heart health. Finally, if you’re interested in losing weight, meals that are rich in fiber make you feel fuller longer. Eating more fiber could help you control overeating and reduce snacking between meals. 

An Avenue For Antioxidants

Eggplant also is chock full of antioxidants which many studies have shown to be important protection against certain cancers, infections, and other diseases. The major antioxidant in eggplant is manganese, an important and powerful ally in your health and wellbeing.

A Delicious And Versatile Ingredient

The final reason to promote eggplant to your customers, and just as important as the rest: it is delicious. Some people don’t appreciate the texture (it can sometimes be mushy), but depending on how it is prepared, eggplant can be firm and flavorful. Eggplant is great in soups and stews, awesome as a meat substitute in many recipes, delicious roasted, and (of course) the star of eggplant parmigiana. 


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