Reasons You Should Buy Organic Produce

Organically grown produce can provide several health benefits.

Chances are you’ve heard about organic produce and its benefits. But you still might not know why organic foods are so good for you or what they even are. For starters, organic produce is grown according to a defined set of standards (some of which include a restricted use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer). In recent years, eating and growing organic produce has become easier and a more attractive option for many people. Organic produce brings with it a host of benefits- here’s a list of some of them.

Health Benefits

Perhaps the most widely-known perk of eating organic produce is the health benefits they have. Organic produce is packed with essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and consuming these foods can provide many tangible benefits. For example, antioxidants have been linked to cardiovascular benefits. In addition, organic produce’s limited use of pesticides makes it a safer option than its non-organic counterparts. Consuming pesticides can lead to health issues, so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.


Maintain Clean Water

Because organically-grown produce limits the use of pesticides, they are not as involved with issues with pesticides running off into the water. Pesticides can pollute waterways and negatively affect the lives of the organisms that live within, so opting for organically grown produce is important.


Affordability & Availability

In recent years, organic produce has been getting more affordable and available. Whether you’re part of a CSA or you just live near a farmer’s market, there is are likely a lot of options for organic produce around you. Although organic produce can cost a little more than non-organic produce, it is getting less expensive.



This produce isn’t mass produced and shipped to markets, so it doesn’t have to be preserved for long periods of time. Not being treated with preservatives means that it retains a lot of its original flavor. Incorporating organic produce into your favorite recipes can enhance how these dishes taste.



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