Pros and Cons of Organic Produce

Pros and Cons of Organic Produce
There are pros and cons to selling organic produce in your business.

Organic produce is any type of produce that doesn’t have pesticides, synthetic herbicides, neurotoxins, antibiotics, harmful chemicals, or drug residues in them. They have to be given more care than other types of produce, such as GMO foods. As a result, they tend to be more expensive. Also, the pesticides used on organic produce have to first get organically approved before they are used on the crops, which further raises the price. It’s estimated that organic foods can cost as much as 50% more than their non-organic counterparts.

With that said, people get what they pay for, which is high-quality food, and your customers will notice the difference right away. There are pros and cons to selling organic produce in your business.

Pro: Organic Produce Won’t Have GMOs

This is important to know for customers who want their food to be as pure as it can be. It’s unsure what the health effects of consuming GMOs are at this point, but it can leave customers uneasy about purchasing them. When your customers buy organically-grown produce, they can take comfort in the fact that these GMOs won’t be in their food. It just feels safer to go with a more natural option.

Con: Goes Bad More Quickly and Easily

While it’s controversial whether or not GMOs should be consumed, one thing that’s certain is that GMOs help food last longer on the shelves. This puts organic produce at a disadvantage because now you have to sell your produce more quickly before it all goes bad.

Pro: Organic Produce is Better for the Environment

A lot of customers want to do what they can to help the planet, and that includes purchasing food that won’t hurt it. When you offer organic produce to your customers, you give them food that is grown in a more natural manner that makes it more environmentally-friendly than other vegetables. Show your customers that you care for the planet by choosing organics.

Con: Nutritional Benefit Has Not Been Proven

It’s still unknown whether or not organic produce is more nutritious than other vegetables. This can be a problem when people are looking at the price of the produce. If people are paying a higher price for organic produce than other vegetables, they want to be sure their money is worth it. Some might not think it’s worth the extra money if they can’t be sure that they are purchasing more nutritious food.

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