Our Microgreens and Their Benefits

Our Microgreens and Their Benefits

At Baywater farms, we pride ourselves on our microgreens. They are some of the most popular members of our hydroponically grown family.

At Baywater farms, we pride ourselves on the quality of our produce. Our hydroponic herbs and vegetables are filled with many health benefits. Our microgreens are some of the most popular members of our hydroponically grown family.

What are Microgreens?

Simply put, microgreens are the seedlings of vegetables and herbs. So, before your favorite vegetable entirely and maturely sprouts, it is considered a microgreen. They are typically used as a flavor and texture enhancement, garnishes in high-end dishes, and most popularly as a nutrition supplement.

Microgreens are Filled with Nutrition

Small but mighty; although very minuscule, these tiny little greens are packed with nutrients that aid in living long, healthy lives, such as vitamins C, E, K, and beta-carotene, to name a few. Another great element of microgreens? They are completely suitable for raw consumption which allows them to retain all the nutrients that may be eliminated once cooked.

Reduces Risks of Developing Diseases

Vegetables in general are packed with many nutrients and antioxidants that naturally assist in warding off life-threatening diseases such as Alzheimer’s, certain types of cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. Some studies have shown that polyphenols (which microgreens contain) may be linked to lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well as heart disease. Other studies have shown that microgreens contain antioxidants that can help to ward off bad cholesterol levels.

Filled with Flavor

These tiny little greens are packed with intense and complex flavor profiles. With the variety in taste and texture, they are sure to upgrade any dish. You can add these to your green juices, salads, and smoothies or simply add them as a garnish to accompany your favorite meal.

Which Microgreens Do We Offer?

We pride ourselves on our wonderful selection of microgreens. Microgreens have been heavily incorporated into many dishes in restaurants and we’re sure that we have something to compliment everyone’s taste buds. Microgreens that we offer include:

·   Red Amaranth

·   Celery

·   Arugula

·   Broccoli

·   Chives

·   Curled Cress

·   Green Basil

·   Purple Mizuna

·   Purple Radish

·   Radish Hong Vit

·   Radish Shoots

·   Rainbow

·   Red Cabbage

·   Red Mustard

·   Pea Shoots


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