Why Is Organically Grown Produce A Better Choice?

Organically Grown

Have you heard of the health benefits of going green and eating organically grown produce? Find out more here!

The age-old debate of organic versus conventional produce has had people scratching their heads for years. While there are people who support both sides, we want to take a moment to consider the benefits of going green and choosing organically grown food.

You’re Not Eating Chemicals

Conventional farming involves the use of different herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. These chemicals can reach your food, while organically grown produce is free of all of those chemicals.

Organic Food Is Fresher

Since organic foods don’t use life-extending preservatives, they are often grown closer to home, meaning your produce will be fresh off the farm.

It’s More Friendly For The Environment

Organic farming practices make less pollution and use less energy. They also conserve water and replenish valuable nutrients that are found in the soil, unlike conventional farming methods

It’s Better For The Staff

Since organic farms don’t use pesticides, the environment is more habitable for all forms of life found on the farm.

Organic Foods Are Richer In Nutrients

Organically grown food will have more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients than their non-organic counterparts because the farmers on organic farms use sustainable farming practices that keep the soil where the food is grown well-nourished.

You Avoid GMOs

There is still more to be learned about GMOs (genetically modified foods) regarding the damage they can cause to our health. However, we can be sure that GMOs do have an adverse effect on the biodiversity of our crops and the sustainability of our ecosystem.

It’s Better For The Wildlife

Because organic farming practices value sustainable farming practices above pesticides, there becomes a wider variety of plants and animals that can thrive in the environment around them.

Organic Is More Humane

Organically-raised animals aren’t given harmful antibiotics or growth hormones for the sake of the sale. The animals are also given more space and the ability to enjoy the outdoors, keeping them healthier and happier.

Investing In The Future

When you purchase organically grown food, you make a statement, saying that you support the well-being of farm animals, as well as the sustainable farming practices organic farmers implement. If people keep choosing the organic option, it will send a message to farmers everywhere that sustainable farming and the health of the plants and animals are highly valued.

Organic Tastes Great

If soil is well-nourished, it can help grow healthy, strong plants with amazing taste. Organically grown foods focus more on taste than appearance,  so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look quite as nice as the non-organic substitute. Trust us when we say your taste buds will thank you when you go organic.

Get Your Organics From Baywater Farms

Baywater Farms always make sure to take great care of their crops, only exercising ethical and sustainable farming techniques which have been passed down for 6 generations. If your food is grown on Baywater Farms, your food is the number one priority All heirloom and local produce is grown with only high-quality seeds sown by hand. We also have a ½ acre climate-controlled greenhouse filled with 24 acres’ worth of fresh Maryland produce. Because this greenhouse is monitored regularly by farmers, our hydroponically-grown lettuces, herbs, and microgreens are available all year long.

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