Why Organically-Grown Food Is Better For You And The Planet

Why Organically-Grown Food Is Better For You And The Planet

Here are a few of the reasons organically-grown food is better for you and the planet.

It can be challenging to make the right choices for you and your family at the grocery store. After all, there are so many products to choose from when it comes to food, and looking for the healthiest and most nutritious foods among them all can seem next to impossible. Even finding the right organically-grown options can be confusing in a world of global produce being transported to your local market week after week. When it comes to looking for food that’s better for you, organically-grown options are the way to go. Here are a few of the reasons organically-grown food is better for you and the planet.

Organics Promote a Healthy Community

Not only do organically-grown foods help you promote a healthier lifestyle by rejecting pesticides and embracing local, nutritious produce, organics also help promote a healthy community. Organic growing practices do not harm the surrounding community; on the contrary, they actually make healthy, organic food readily available to your local community, promoting local health and happiness!

Organic Growing is Better for the Soil

Many industrial crops harm the soil they are grown in thanks to monocropping and pesticides. Chemicals used to raise the produce you might find in the grocery store can harm the environment and affect soil health, leading to erosion and related soil issues. Organic farming methods can promote healthier soil that will benefit the environment for years to come, rather than causing harm.

Organic Food is More Flavorful

One simple benefit of organically-grown produce is that it’s often more flavorful. The flavor of a stressed crop, such as on an industrial farm, won’t be as good as an organically-grown crop. This has to do with the chemicals used in industrial farming, monocropping, and the stress put on large crops to yield as much as possible. Smaller, organic farming operations grow crops with ease that you may find taste much better!

Organics Benefit Pollinators

Due to the lack of harmful pesticides, organic farming operations exist in symbiosis with much of the local ecosystem. This includes pollinators, animals, and insects such as bees that are crucial to the health of local plants. Biodiversity is key to the health of the local environment and allowing local insect populations to thrive benefits plants and animals in the ecosystem. When you support organic growing, you’re also supporting your local pollinators and biodiversity!


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