Non-GMO Foods: Are They Worth the Investment?

Take a look at whether or not buying non-GMO foods is worth the investment today.

Genetically modified organism, also known as GMO, crops were brought into the market over two decades ago. They were meant to be an environmentally friendly way to produce food for a human population that was rising exponentially. GMOs serve to give help plants resist weeds and pests. This allows farmers to lower the number of pesticides they use.

However, some weeds have started adapting to resist herbicide better, so farmers have to use more herbicide to keep them in check. GMOs were already a topic of concern regarding how safe it is to consume them, and now there are concerns that even more herbicides are getting consumed today.

This has led to non-GMO foods becoming more popular. Consumers are looking for produce that doesn’t come shrouded in herbicides. Take a look at whether or not buying non-GMO foods is worth the investment today.

Profitability of Non-GMO Foods

Non-GMO foods are still experiencing some controversy and misinformation regarding these foods is commonplace. What we can say with confidence is that non-GMO foods can bring a profit to your company. Many people are concerned about what goes into their food, and not without good reason. This sets the stage for non-GMO crops that don’t contain the herbicides many people are concerned about eating. When foods don’t have chemicals that may concern customers, they will feel safer about buying them.

Environmental Benefits

Non-GMO foods are not only more profitable but also better for our planet. Organic farming that uses conventional seeds makes better yields and also lowers the farmer’s operating costs. Seeds with GMOs in them are more expensive. At first, farmers thought they could save money this way because they wouldn’t have to spend as much on herbicides. However, as weeds have adapted to herbicides, farmers still have to spend more money on them. It doesn’t help that the chemicals that are used to get rid of stronger weeds hurt the environment, harming many walks of life as well as the land itself.

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