More Questions You Should Ask Your Local Farmer

More Questions You Should Ask Your Local Farmer

Here are additional questions that are worth asking your local farmer.

There are many questions to ask regarding produce, and who better to answer these questions than your local farmer? The farmers growing your produce are going to know everything you need to know about it, and it’s always important to understand as much about your produce as possible. We’ve reviewed some questions to ask farmers in the past, but there are still other questions that are worth bringing up. Here are additional questions that are worth asking your local farmer.

How is the Produce Grown?

You’ll want to know everything about whatever produce you have, and the origins of that produce will be no exception to this rule. Understanding how it’s grown will give you some insight into how dependable your local farmer may be.

Farmers who are trustworthy will be more than happy to go over all of the farming practices they use in the growing of your vegetables. Some might even invite you to their farms so you can see firsthand how everything is done.

How Recently Was The Produce Harvested?

You want fresh vegetables from your local farmer, so knowing the time of harvest is important. Produce that was harvested recently is what you’re going to want because it means that the produce is fresher.

There are some farmers who might even provide discounts at the end of the day. This is done so that the farmers will not need to bring any vegetables back with them.

What Is Your Name?

Not all questions have to pertain to the food that farmers offer. Sometimes, simply asking a question to get more acquainted with your local farmer can be a great idea. It makes it easier to establish a stronger relationship with them, and it’s these relationships that can be important to have when doing business with your farmer.

You can even ask other questions, such as what inspired them to begin farming or what happened during their most recent growing season. You also want to let them know how much you support their produce and their line of work. Asking your farmer questions about themselves is a great way to learn about what they do and demonstrate that you are fascinated with their industry.

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