Being Mindful in the Market: A Guide to Clean-Eating with Local Produce

local produce

These clean-eating tips will help you choose the freshest and most nutritious produce every time you shop.

Remembering to eat local produce is a great way to maintain a clean-eating diet. Buying produce that is in-season and at its peak ripeness is also when it is most nutritious. This is easy to do when choosing from an abundance of organically-grown, local produce at your supermarket. These clean-eating tips will help you choose the freshest and most nutritious produce every time you shop.

Look for Local Produce

The best thing about buying local produce is that it is always also seasonal produce. When you opt for what is in season, you’re making a healthier choice at the start. Another positive aspect of buying local produce is that the produce did not have to travel very far to get to your local market. This greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the shipping process. One of the best organically-grown vegetables that you can buy is tomatoes because of their high pesticide potential. Knowing where your food comes from is crucial to making clean-eating choices. Make sure that you and your family are eating the best possible produce to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Aim for Alternative Sweeteners

There are plenty of ways to sweeten your diet with healthy and organic flavors. Sweetening your foods with natural sweeteners is a great way to maintain a clean diet. You can easily do this by forgoing the usual refined and artificial sweeteners and opting for honey and maple syrup to sweeten up your clean diet. To ensure that you are getting the healthiest, most nutrient-rich natural sweeteners, buy raw honey and 100% pure maple syrup.

Eating Clean with Organic Herbs

Herbs are something you may not think about very much in your daily diet. Let’s be honest, a lot of the time you see a recipe calls for a specific fresh herb and you think one of two things: either, you have the dried version, and how much of a difference could it really be? Or: does this recipe really need this one specific flavor? The answer to these questions, respectively, is “a huge difference” and “yes.” Fresh herbs are unmatched when it comes to adding a burst of incredible flavors to any dish. When a recipe calls for a fresh herb, it is a necessity. Buying fresh, locally-grown herbs for dishes on your clean-eating diet will have your foods taste better than ever.


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