Microgreens Usage in Restaurants: Why Chefs Love Them

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Chefs also like to use these greens to complement vegetables already in salads.

The many benefits of microgreens are undeniable; so It’s no surprise that chefs turn to these tiny greens to increase the quality of their foods in restaurants. These greens are filled with a plethora of nutrients and minerals that are beneficial to our health like vitamin K, vitamin C and Vitamin E, and potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron to name a few. These greens are small but mighty and used in a variety of ways by chefs in the culinary industry.. Here are just a few ways that these microgreens are used to give food a bit of a boost and why chefs love them.

Use Microgreens to Enhance Food Appearance

Microgreens come in an array of colors, textures, shapes, sizes and lengths, so theres no wonder these tiny plants make for a great way to upgrade any dish.Much like flowers, except always completely edible, microgreens are used to accompany many dishes to enhance the foods appearance. For many chefs in the restaurant industry, presentation is as greatly important as the taste of the food. 

Adding A Fresh Taste to Dishes

For dishes loaded with tons of protein like a filet of steak or lamb; a savory sauce is typically used to accompany the meal. To balance the flavor palette and introduce a more light, fresh, healthy flavor to the dish, chefs like to use microgreens.

Swapping Out Typical Veggies for Microgreens

Chefs also like to use these greens to complement vegetables already present in salads. The contrast in size makes for a great addition to any delicious spring or leafy green mix with a loaded nutritional value. Chefs also like to use them to accompany sandwiches; swapping out lettuce and spinach and replacing them with tasty microgreens to still add the tasty crunch most look for. 

Chefs Favorite Microgreens

With so many options to choose from, some may wonder which greens chefs like to use most. Many of the microgreens that chefs use to accompany dishes are carrots, beets, micro-sea beans, and micro-mint lime. 


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