Local Farms Are More Important During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Local Farms Are More Important During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While COVID-19 is still prevalent, local farms become more important than ever for many reasons.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, local businesses have been taking a heavy hit in people’s communities. Some states declare them to be essential businesses, while others haven’t given them permission to open up yet. This makes everything unsettling for consumers who are concerned about being able to purchase healthy food since we live in a time when health is recognized as a huge concern. While COVID-19 is still prevalent, local farms become more important than ever for many reasons.

Local Farms Help People Access Healthy Food

Local farms offer some of the highest quality of produce around. Since it doesn’t have to travel great distances to reach its customers, locally grown produce stays fresh and retains a lot of its nutritional value. Limiting your produce to whatever is grown locally is also a safer option during this time since we’re trying our best to contain this virus. By keeping our produce limited to what we can find locally, we have a better chance of containing the virus and keeping ourselves safer.

Local Farms Support the Revival of Neighborhoods and Small Businesses

When you purchase your produce locally, your money gets recirculated into the local economy. This directly helps people in your local community, which is especially important while it’s difficult to save money. The more money that gets spent locally, the more economic activity that will surge through your community. There’s even a higher chance of jobs being generated locally when you spend money at local farms.

Local Farms Will Adapt to the Public’s Needs

All areas around the world are facing different struggles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Local farmers acknowledge this and will adapt their services to meet the needs of their local communities. This makes purchasing food from local farms a safer option.

Farmers Markets Need to Be Supported During This Time

As mentioned previously, local farms are having trouble staying afloat during this time. Despite their ability to provide people with healthy, high-quality food, they are still in a vulnerable position as a result of many markets being forced to close down. It’s up to you to help support these markets. Communities need to support each other more than ever before if we’re going to keep people in business. Local farmers do so much to provide great food for their customers, and we don’t want to see them run out of business after all of the hard work they’ve done.

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