Let Your Summer Go Out In Style With These Heirloom Vegetable Recipes

heirloom vegetables

Say “good-bye” to summer with these tasty late-summer heirloom vegetable recipes!

With Labor Day Weekend quickly approaching, you still have time to enjoy some new summer recipes. Nothing says summer like organic, heirloom vegetables that are grown right here in Maryland. Maryland’s Eastern Shore is known for having some of the best, freshest produce in the country, and these recipes certainly highlight that fact. Say “good-bye” to summer with these tasty late-summer heirloom vegetable recipes!

Zucchini Fritters With Herb Butter

Zucchini fritters are delicious and unbelievably easy to prepare. All you need are a few organic zucchini squashes, flour (gluten-free works too), diced onion, beaten eggs, shredded cheese of your choice, and butter. After grating your squash, immediately dry it with paper towels over a colander. Mix your squash, onion, and cheese, and then add your beaten eggs. Slowly add flour one tablespoon at a time. Form into patties, and fry in a frying pan with butter. For the butter, grab some organic, locally-grown basil, and chop it roughly. Add to softened butter, and serve at room temperature alongside your fritters!

Cherry Tomato And Avocado Salad

You don’t have to be a millennial to love avocado. Avocado is so smooth and tasty that it brings any dish to life. When paired with heirloom cherry tomatoes, avocado tastes even more delicious. Chop your tomatoes and avocados into bite-sized pieces. This easy-to-make salad is a crowd favorite, and you can add whatever else to the salad you might like. We suggest fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic glaze. Don’t forget the organic fresh basil to give it a caprese kick!

Organic Watermelon Sorbet

To finish, an organic watermelon sorbet is the best way too cool off from the August heat. You’ll impress every single guest with this easy, healthy, and thirst-quenching dessert. Just cut up your locally-grown, organic watermelon and freeze it! Then toss into a food processor or blender and scoop into summer-colored cups for party guests of all ages to enjoy!


You can find our fresh, non-GMO, sustainable heirloom vegetables in national grocery store chains, produce distribution companies, roadside farm stands, local farm-to-table restaurants, CSAs, and farmers’ markets. To learn more about ordering our fresh local produce, click here.

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