How You Can Support Family Farms

How You Can Support Family Farms
Here’s what you can do to support family farms.

Family farms play a pivotal role in American culture. Back in the day, these farms would be passed down from generation to generation or otherwise sold to a different small farmer. Today, that has all changed. Family farms are now often given to larger-scale farms that have more resources available to them.

With that said, we still want these farms in our communities. They know people in their communities more personally than industrial organizations and are more invested in the families that live near them. Foods don’t travel as far to reach their destinations, which cuts down on fuel emissions to promote environmental health. Here’s what you can do to support family farms.

Build Relationships With Family Farms

Some customers may be hesitant to purchase food from farms if those people are unfamiliar with those farms. People will more likely purchase food from local farms if they are already familiar with them. Establishing a relationship with a family farm tells customers that you trust the people who are supplying you with produce. Once customers feel that you trust the farmers that give you your produce, customers will also begin to trust the produce on your shelves.

Family Farms Love When You Invest in Local Produce

When you stick your shelves with locally grown produce, you show customers that you have a vested interest in the local community. Not only that but as mentioned previously, you cut down on fuel emissions, which will help you reach out to those who are more concerned about the environment. You also tell customers that you support small business, which supports the local economy.

Support Family Farms by Offering Seasonal Produce to Your Consumers

Local farms offer produce that’s found in season. That means that if you’re going to support these family farms, you’ll want to offer what’s in season at the time. The produce these farms will provide for you will be more fresh, nutritious, and tasty than the varieties that have been preserved for extended periods of time. Produce grown on family farms is well-nurtured so that it grows to realize its greatest potential. Your consumers will notice the difference instantly and, if they aren’t supporting local farms already, they’ll realize what high-quality produce they offer.

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