How Wholesalers Can Benefit Retailers

How Wholesalers Can Benefit Retailers

While the supply chain link between wholesalers and retailers has always been pretty important, it is possibly more important now than ever.

While the supply chain link between wholesalers and retailers has always been pretty important, it is possibly more important now than ever. In the global age, large retailers have developed their own distribution networks by directly working with grower-shippers. Small business relies on the trust and interdependence developed with local wholesalers to keep business running. Here are some of the other reasons retailers benefit from working with wholesalers for their produce needs.

Growing Business

Since smaller chain stores and independent markets don’t have the reach or connections of global corporations, it’s difficult for them to offer a full variety of produce to their customers on a regular basis. That’s where wholesale can come in and use their own connections to help them expand their offerings. And this, in turn, can help smaller business thrive and grow.

Knowing the Produce Business

The best wholesalers can act as an extension of a retailer’s buying team because they know the produce industry inside and out. In this respect, smaller retailers may even have an edge over large corporations because they have access to that specialized knowledge. This includes forecasts and sales projections, and they have enough knowledge of the inventory and the industry to help retailers make better decisions about what to buy.

Access to the Freshest Produce

Consumer savvy these days is higher than ever. More and more shoppers are placing an emphasis on freshness and locality when they shop for produce. When smaller retailers work with wholesalers, they can be confident that they are offering the highest quality produce to their customers. Wholesalers can give potential buyers access to the produce before buying.

Avoiding Oversupply

One of the unique challenges with offering produce is that eventually, if it isn’t sold, it’s going to go bad and become dead stock. This is the second worst outcome – the worst is that the retailer sells out of an item that their customers are expecting to find. Wholesalers are agile enough to bail out retailers if they need more stock quickly. This helps them out when they find themselves facing the worst outcome, and gives them enough leeway to avoid the second worst!

Solving Problems

Wholesalers have a great deal of experience in the produce industry, and small retailers can lean on this expertise if things aren’t going smoothly. They understand that part of this crucial link in the supply chain is built on trust that has been going on, in some cases, across generations. 


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