How Chefs Can Benefit From Local Farmers’ Market

How Chefs Can Benefit From Local Farmers' Market baywater farms

Farmers’ markets are great resources for any community.

Farmers’ markets are great resources for any community. They are a fun and exciting place to find great, delicious, healthy food for your family. They allow you to buy local foods and meet the farmer behind them more often than not. It’s a wonderful way of supporting local businesses and making intelligent food choices. Farmer’s markets are also a valuable resource for a chef. Here’s why.

Access Quality And Variety

A quality that people like best about Farmers’ Markets is that the food is always very fresh. The farmers are usually pretty local, so they don’t have to bring the food from far distances. This means that the food doesn’t arrive overripe, and it doesn’t have to be picked before it is ripe to accomplish that. Shopping at Farmers’ Markets also allows chefs to try new things that they may not think to order but may be inspired by when they see them. For instance, you may order carrots every week with a produce delivery, but when you see those beautiful greens on the tops of a bunch of fresh carrots, you may be inspired to incorporate them into a pesto or a chimichurri.

Build Relationships With Farmers

Once you start shopping at Farmers’ Markets, you will likely begin to get to know the farmers who vend there, and you can begin to build relationships. You may be able to set up special deliveries directly from the farm for items you use a lot, and you may even be able to get the farmers to try growing different stuff if they know you will buy it. Finally, you could invite the farmers and their staff to visit your restaurant and meet your staff so that everyone can appreciate the full lifecycle of the food from farm to plate. Offering discounts for people from the farming industry can also help build those relationships and encourage more open communication.

Find Peers In Your Community

If you are an incredibly busy chef, you likely spend almost all of your time in your kitchen or your bed. Making time to visit the Farmers’ Market each week could be a healthy change of pace and a welcome opportunity to be outside. You might even get a chance to connect with your peers who also shop at the Farmers’ Market for goods and inspiration. Take time to discuss your industry and interests and reconnect with others who love the same business you do. Some markets even host events and classes occasionally. 


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