How Can You Help a Family Farm?

How Can You Help a Family Farm?

Find out what you can do to protect your family farm.

Americans value the idea of local farms. Back in the day, it was commonplace that a family farm would get passed down from generation to generation, or otherwise sold to a different small family farm. However, that’s not how things are today. It’s much more likely that a family farm will fall in the hands of larger farms. It’s important to support your family farm. Their income goes back into our economy, and they have the interests of the community at heart. There are ways that you can help your local farm to succeed. Find out what you can do to protect your family farm.

Volunteer at a Farmers Market

Usually, a family farm will allow you to help out. Any contribution you can make to your local farm helps keep service away from larger farms. If you want to help your local farm, try volunteering your time.

Invest in Seasonal Foods

A family farm will grow whatever foods are in season, and you should be ready to support that farm by purchasing their seasonal foods. There are plenty of in-season foods that customers will want to buy, and family farms are the best place to get quality produce for the season. Many seasonal foods have recipes that you can suggest to your customers, which will make them more inclined to spend their money. It’s a win-win. You support a family farm by buying their seasonal produce, and you support your own business by having fresh produce to offer to your customers.

Get to Know Your Local Farmer and Show Your Appreciation

When you want to purchase produce from a local farm, it’s best to have a positive relationship with the farmers who make everything possible. Show your gratitude and let them know how much you appreciate their work. When people see that local farmers are respected, it will encourage more people to enter the farming field. This not only supports the growth of small farms, but it also means you’ll have more small farms where you can purchase food in the future. This means that you set your business up for future success down the road.

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