Health Benefits of Tomatoes

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Tomatoes help you load up on Vitamin A, which supports immunity, vision, and skin health.

We’re confirming for you that tomatoes are fruits, and they are incredibly healthy. A tomato is classified as a fruit because it bears seeds that develop from the ovary of a flowering plant. While a tomato might be a fruit, it’s as healthy as its seedy counterparts, such as cucumbers and zucchini, because it has low carb and sugar contents. A medium tomato only has 22 calories, about 5 grams of carbs, and no more than three grams of sugar per half cup. If you’re a tomato lover or striving towards a healthier or plant-based lifestyle, you should check out these health benefits of tomatoes. 

Tomatoes Provide the Vitamins You Need

Are you concerned that you’re not getting enough vitamins, or do you prefer not to consume vitamins in pill form? If so, a tomato can provide about 40% of the daily recommended minimum of vitamin C. Tomatoes also help you load up on Vitamin A, which supports immunity, vision, and skin health. Vitamin K is also present in a tomato and is excellent for bone health. Tomato also has potassium, an essential nutrient for heart function, muscle contractions, and regulating healthy blood pressure and fluid balance. 

Tomatoes Protects Heart Health

The antioxidant called lycopene gives a tomato its red color. It’s healthier to eat a tomato versus taking lycopene supplements to achieve heart health benefits. High levels of lycopene have links to lower death rates for people with metabolic syndrome (a surplus of body fat around the waist, high blood pressure and blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels). Additionally, studies show that lycopene can reduce the risk of an ischemic stroke (blockage of a brain artery that starves oxygen cells and causes them to die). Also, tomatoes and a plant-based diet, in general, have been linked to preventing prostate cancer and heart disease. 

Diabetes Management 

Tomatoes are excellent for people who have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes because they don’t spike glucose levels. Nutritionists consider a tomato a diabetic superfood because it has a low glycemic index (GI), meaning that it slowly or moderately breaks down and doesn’t raise a person’s blood sugar levels rapidly. Tomato is also high in fiber. The more fiber you consume, the more likely you lose weight, lower your blood pressure and enhance your body’s response to insulin. 


Also, tomatoes are fun, coming in wide varieties. There isn’t a limit on how you can prepare them, whether you like to eat some raw grape or cherry tomatoes, thinly slice a tomato to add it to your salad, make a paste out of it, or add it to hummus. Contact Baywater Farms today whenever you’re ready to invest in ethical, local, and sustainable farming. 



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