Health Benefits of Root Vegetables

Health Benefits of Root Vegetables

Ever heard of root vegetables? Here’s why they are so healthy!

Among the vegetables, root vegetables are some of the tastiest. Baywater Farms, located in Salisbury, MD, grows many types of veggies, from microgreens to specialty lettuce to heirloom beefsteak tomatoes. The many health benefits of root vegetables are just one aspect of their deliciousness. Here’s more about this savory, sweet category of produce.

What Counts as Root Vegetables?

Root vegetables are edible plants that store their energy underground in organs known as roots, tubers, bulbs, or corms. These storage organs are what we harvest and serve on the table as vegetables. They are full of nutrients that nourish our bodies.

Some of the Healthiest Root Vegetables

Roots, tubers, bulbs, and corms comprise the family called root vegetables. Overall, some of the healthiest root vegetables you come across include the following:

Top Health Benefits of Root Vegetables

Support Healthy Eyes

Carrots are famous for containing beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A and appears as an orangish pigment in produce. Other root vegetables, like sweet potatoes, are also high in vitamin A and help support clear vision.

Support a Healthy Immune System

Root vegetables contain multiple beneficial vitamins and nutrients in general, and vitamin A and vitamin C especially help support a healthy immune system. Carrots, sweet potatoes, and turnips are just a few of the most popular options.

Aid in Digestion

Root vegetables are fibrous specimens, which is excellent when you need sustenance that can aid in your digestion. Fiber also helps you control your weight, blood sugar level, and cholesterol. If you need a way to regulate your digestive tract, consider eating a root vegetable dish!

Supply the Body with Energy

Some say that the downside to eating root vegetables is that it is full of carbohydrates (starch.) The body turns these starchy carbohydrates into glucose, which either turns into energy the body uses or fat. However, that characteristic is a positive attribute. If you want energy to go throughout your day and a ton of great nutrients with it, eat root vegetables!

What’s a Good Portion Size?

A balanced diet consists of different food groups, and a colorful plate is a nutrient-rich plate. Every day, human beings need some level of the nutrients root vegetables provide, like potassium, vitamins A, B, and C, folate, manganese, folate, and fiber. A healthy portion size would be the size of one’s fist. 


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