Going Over Different Types of Lettuce

Going Over Different Types of Lettuce

Here are some of the different types of lettuce that are grown.

Lettuce is among the more popular vegetables consumers will purchase. It’s a vegetable that offers a lot both in flavor and nutrition. There are many different types of lettuce, and each type offers a different kind of texture and taste. The ones you choose to offer will determine what kind of customers you attract, so it’s important to know what interests your consumers before you commit to any particular type. Here are some of the different types of lettuce that are grown.

Crisphead or Iceberg Lettuce

Crisphead lettuce, more popularly known to be iceberg lettuce, is known for its tight head and crisp leaves, as the name suggests. This type is a staple of salad bars and delicacies such as burgers. It’s better to offer when the weather is cold because this variety doesn’t appreciate higher temperatures.

Summer Crisp, Batavian, or French Crisp

This type shares the traits of two other types, Looseleaf and Crisphead. This kind offers incredible flavor, and it has very crisp and thick outer leaves. The heart of this variety is very juicy and sweet.

Butterhead, Bibb, or Boston Lettuce

Butterhead is a variety that is much more delicate and fragile than other ones on this list. It comes with a light green interior, and the exterior is more soft and loose. It will rarely ever come with a bitter taste, which can be a great selling point for those who don’t enjoy that type of flavor.

Romaine or Cos Lettuce

Romaine varieties come with a medium green appearance on the outside and a white-green color on the inside. The leaves tend to be tougher, but there is fragile foliage along the interior. There is a satisfying crunch that comes from biting into romaine lettuce, and there is a sweet flavor to it.

Looseleaf, Leaf, Bunching, or Cutting

The last type of lettuce we’ll discuss is a type that is easy for farmers to grow, making it easier to find a distributor for it. Looseleaf lettuce is among the easiest varieties to grow, and you still get great quality with it. You can pick this type of lettuce from all sorts of colors, and you can even pick from many shapes as well, allowing you to carefully select which types will appeal most to your consumers.

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