Five Health Benefits Of Eating Carrots

Five Health Benefits Of Eating Carrots

Carrots have several health benefits that make them a fantastic snacking option.

For many of us, our parents have told us to eat our carrots. “They’ll let you see in the dark” has been a last ditch effort to get kids to eat more healthily, and surprisingly, this tactic worked! Surely any kid would want to see in the dark, right? But aside from the broad “, they’re good for you” incentive to eat carrots, what benefits do they have for us? Carrots have several health benefits that make them a fantastic snacking option.

They Are Rich In Vitamin A

Vitamin A is useful for vision, bodily immune functions, building bones and teeth, and cellular communication. Beta-carotene is the name of the nutrient that is important for vision. This nutrient gets converted into Vitamin A because of metabolism. If you eat more beta-carotene, you will have an increase in the pigment known as rhodopsin. Rhodopsin takes the light that enters your eyes and transforms it into electrical impulses that get interpreted by the brain, ultimately producing vision.  In everyday terms, this means eating carrots improves your vision.

Improve Your Skin Quality

Carrots are a great solution for people who have dry skin, acne, or wrinkly or uneven skin. Just like with vision, Vitamin A is the one to thank. This multi-purpose vitamin helps to protect your skin from environmental damage and helps prevent aging. There is such a thing as too many carrots though because eating too many can turn your skin and the whites of your eyes into an orange/yellow color. We’re not saying stay away from carrots. Just don’t eat too many at once.

They Cleanse Your Mouth

Did you know carrots serve as a natural mouth cleaner after you’ve eaten? While they’re no substitute for brushing your teeth and flossing, the minerals found in carrots help kill off bacteria in your mouth and helps prevent tooth decay. So be sure to eat your carrots because they’ll help give you the most beautiful smile.

Lower Your Chances Of Developing Cancer

Research is telling us that carrots can lower the chances of you getting cancer. The beta-carotene gets formed into carotenoids which have proven to have anti-cancer effects that stem from their antioxidants. That reduces the number of free radicals in your body. Lowering free radicals is important because they cause chain reactions in your body that could cause a tumor. By lowering your radicals, you have fewer chances of getting a tumor.

Rich In Potassium

The potassium found in carrots can lower the odds of you having a stroke, while also minimizing high blood pressure and anxiety. It’s also great for controlling metabolism, and it can improve the health of your heart, muscles, and nervous system. According to the Institute of Medicine, an adult should consume about 4700mg of potassium per day, and a single carrot contains 400mg, so they’re a great source to get your recommended potassium.

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