Farm to Table Eating and Its Benefits

Farm to Table Eating and Its Benefits

When our produce makes it to your dinner table, we guarantee a fresh and delicious product. Here are some benefits of farm-to-table eating.

At Baywater Farms, we pride ourselves on providing produce distributors, grocery stores, restaurants, and more with quality non-GMO produce directly from our farm. When our local produce makes it to your dinner table, you can guarantee a fresh and delicious taste. Here are some key benefits of farm-to-table eating.

What is Farm-to Table Eating?

Farm-to-table eating means people from local communities consuming produce such as vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, etc from local farms.


With farm-to-table eating, a huge variety of food choices are offered. As long as it’s in season, we provide it for you, and it’s always guaranteed fresh with no additives, preservatives, or GMO ingredients. This includes our acorn, butternut, and spaghetti squash in the fall, and our delicious radishes and heirloom summer squash in the summertime.

Good for the Environment

When local consumers buy their produce from us, the earth also benefits from it. Food that is not locally sourced typically travels hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles before reaching its consumers. This means between tens and hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel is entering the air which has a negative impact on the air quality. Shorter travel distances mean less fuel polluting the air, resulting in a lesser negative impact on the environment.

Health Benefits

Unlike nonlocally produced food, local produce does not undergo processing and freezing to preserve its shelf life, which means no pesky preservatives like those found in lots of processed foods. Because it is directly from local farms, it arrives fresh and packed with nutrients and does not lose its quality and nutritional value.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the food you are consuming is not filled with added sugars, salt, preservatives or GMOs to name a few.


Baywater Farms is a family-owned and operated farm servicing Baltimore, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware beaches, and the Eastern Shore. We are capable of meeting the demands of your produce distributor, restaurant produce supplier, CSA produce supplier, or wholesale produce supplier while maintaining the integrity and character of a small farm. When you work with Baywater Farms, you work with an experienced, ethical, and local farm dedicated to providing the highest-quality heirloom produce.

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